our story

Our #1 priority is your furry loved ones. A happy fur baby is a happy human. We have worked closely with our designers and suppliers for over three years to ensure the best service, quality products, and affordable prices for you and your fur babies. We’re excited to have you a part of the Specks family!

who we are

Christina Calautti took over Specks in 2020 in Los Angeles. As a pet lover and owner, she searched high and low for a place that gave A+ service to her fur baby and had quality products that us dog lovers always search for. Surprisingly in Los Angeles, everything fell short to her expectations. Christina took over (formerly known as Mr Specks Playhouse) in 2020, and rebranded to what you see today, Specks Pet. Christina and her team built a beautiful brick and mortar in Beverly Hills with dog daycare, a full grooming spa, and a beautiful retail boutique filled with every pets dream items. Most recently in 2023, Christina brought Specks online for everyone to enjoy the Specks experience. Our highly curated collections are made for the pet parents that want the best for their fur babies. We make sure we have something for every pet personality that will bring you joy from the choosing process, all the way to gifting your pet or furry loved ones.