All Natural Dog Freeze Dried Food Topper Shakers


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Help kickstart your dog or cats food with Live Pawsitively’s Beef, Chicken, Lamb, White Fish and Salmon Food Topper Shaker. Our food toppers are freeze dried super topper for your pets food. Our food toppers offer a boost of nutrition and taste to your pets diet. By adding a scoop a day to your pets dry kibble is the perfect way to add extra nutrients your pets need and taste that they cant resist. Our food toppers are freeze dried and then ground to smaller pieces offering the benefits of raw food nutrition without the mess making it much more convenient to add to your pets daily diet.

Our Shaker Toppers are made with 100% freeze dried beef Liver, Lamb Liver, Pure White Fish, Wild Salmon or Chicken breast, liver and heart and our Vegan topper is 100% Sweet Potato. They are all 6 oz bottles. All sourced and made in the USA. Our Food toppers can be added alone on top of dry kibble or water may be added to bring out even more flavor in every bite.

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